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Unleash your Powerful Business Goddess!

Tune In With Your abundance Frequency

For healers, intuitives, coaches and tarot readers who need a nurturing space to tune in, centre and heal that’s easy to access in a busy life!

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A healing toolkit for Smart Spirited Women that will take you from business burnout to wealth builder…without stealing your precious time!

You put your heart and Soul into your work.

The truth is, what you do is more important than the money but that doesn't mean you're on a mission to bypass abundance either.

You may even think you know all the answers about how to get money flowing in a way that feels good but you're left shaking your head overwhelmed at all the options available to you...

do you feel like you're running on empty?

The work you do is more important than all the money in the world.

Your Goddess generosity shouldn't be showing up as lack or stress in your life and business.

But it kinda does at the moment through over work or worry about the never enough.

You're wonderful at holding space for others...

but have ended up running out of time for yourself!

It's not a lack of knowledge that's stunting your business growth,

it means it's time for you to see your potential from a new perspective.

It's not for the want of trying or overthinking,

that you feel stuck at how you can grow your 'flow' without burning out!


Spiritual Business Builder

Hello Beautiful Soul!

After a decade in business here's what I wish I had to begin with...

When I first started looking for a solution to create a lifestyle and business based around my spiritual gifts. Even with a business degree I believed 'if only I could do more and give more only then would I be more successful!'

Striving to be more productive & give more away for free didn't work for me.

It was frustrating putting my heart & soul into everything and seemed even more complicated esp. when you're working across different dimensions as we do!

Looking back, I made the first step of my 'new' wealth and money story the hardest for myself...

I'm sharing this Money Flow Moon Meditation in the Abundance Bundle so you don't have to keep punishing yourself for seeking abundance.

Your Soul is ready to begin a new chapter and you are ready to live it !

“The message I received, was around what was holding me back in creating wealth into this reality.”

This gave me great insight as to what I need to focus on right now for my future.

I can not wait to see what the future holds!”

melynda lopez

Spiritual guide & Akashic Records Coach

imagine being a crystal clear channel for your abundance

Tune in & Level Up

Your High Frequency Business Space

Your Goddess Abundance Bundle includes:

1x Money Flow Moon Meditation

1x Akashic Wealth Stream

1x Perfect Day Mindset Process

1x Zen Min

Your Money Flow Moon Meditation + Abundance Bundle Includes

walk away with:


Goddess meditation

Money flow moon

Channelled specifically for spiritual practitioners like you creating a business. Tune into your money flow like the Goddess you are without doubting yourself.

walk away with:

Entrepreneurial enlightenment

Ready to see opportunities

Tuned into your feminine energy

Activating your money flow

walk away with:


Quantum healing

Akashic Wealth Stream

A healing modality and experience created for over generours light workers like you to expand your super consciousness without lots of hard work !

walk away with:

An energetic cleanse

A new sense of your Goddess inner peace

Connection with your Wealth Spirit guides

Guidance from your Higher-Self

walk away with:


focused Daily Mindset

perfect day process

As you start each day fresh, use this process to better focus on what’s coming up in your day so you can ultimately increase your flow state.

walk away with:

Start your day fresh and set the tone

Turn day dreams into anchors for your intentions

Unleash your creativity to grow your flow

Activate a sense of your power in your day

flow ~ heal ~ grow

Trust the magic in new beginnings with a simple step that supports you and build a business that serves you well.

Money Moon Flow ~to release the resistance

Akashic Soul Flow ~heal and restore your Goddess Energy

Perfect Day Flow ~begins in your hands everyday

It's easier to see the abundance ahead when you focus, recharge and give yourself a break!

Step out of your Money Blindspots...

Without having to spend lots of time retraining

Without the expense of going away on retreat

Without compromising on what matters to you.

You're not alone in desiring abundance...

create some space for you to receive and nurture your spiritual wellbeing.

Taking a small step today makes...

building a business foundation easier over the long term

Keep you connected to what's important to your Soul's gifts...

but not overwhelmed with other peoples' problems

Zen Bonus - Perfect for when you only have a minute

When you need to get your sparkle back in a hurry!

Zen Min

When you need to catch your breath between clients, or 'gather yourself together' with compassion in a short space of time try this min of Zen.

You'll be reminded of how resourceful you truly are.

I used to use this all the time and it really works!


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